Frendly Presents x Skype

A Content Partnership

Started as a grassroots project in collaboration with Skype, my Frends and I created the FrendShip as a place to record music, showcase storytellers and be the vessel in which we create experiences for the Frendly community. A community based off the idea that there is no "I" in Frends. Whether we’re partnering with major sporting events, non-profits like Love Your Brain, or popping up at your favorite music festival, we want to keep the Frendly Movement jamming with live music and perpetual feel-good media along the way.

Following Frendly Web Series

These documentary-type episodes provide a lens into our wild lives as snowboarders, musicians and entrepreneurs. A key to connecting on the road, with Frends all over the globe, is through our technology platform of choice, Skype.

FrendShip Sessions

High quality sounds, rich stories and authentic moments with athletes and artists are created here - while shared with a live global audience through Skype. Get to know a little more about your favorite bands and athletes in a one-of-a-kind intimate environment.
Filmed by: Scott Barber, Alex Scully & Aaron Hooper Directed by: Jack Mitrani