Save The Arts

The Subjective Art Project

As a Merit winner in the 2014 One Show Young Ones, The Subjective Art Project Was Created to empower people to share what they perceive as art in their everyday lives. Through a mix of collateral we were able to give people the tools they needed to bring attentio0n to and save what they saw as art.

Key Chains

Key frames will turn any lnstagram post into fine art. These will be passed out at art stores as a gift with purchase. Each will have two plaques, one with SaveTheArts.com engraved on it, and the other with #SaveTheArts. This helps to generate awareness and drives donations.


Find a window, line the frame up with something in the distance, and allow others to see the world through your eyes. Distribution will be done via street teams. SaveTheArts.com and #SaveTheArts will be printed on decals generating awareness and driving donations. .


Use frame duct tape to draw attention to street art. Rolls will be handed out to students who attend art museums as part of their admission. The tape will be branded with SaveTheArts.com and #SaveTheArts to generate awareness and donations.