Organic by John Patrick

As a winner of the Merit Award For the 2014 One Show Young Ones. We created a Collaboration between Organic by John Patrick and Wollypocket that would extend the sustainability mission of the high end clothing manufacturer Organic far beyond the point of purchase. A leader in the sustainable fashion movement, John Patrick has striven throughout his career to design beautiful pieces that are in harmony with the natural world. Prioritizing organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness, with the hope of inspiring a deeper level of accountability in the world of high fashion.

The Wollypocket

Woollypocket is the creator of the best wall planters in the world. Created 100% from recycled materials the wall planter can be hung anywhere in your house mess free and with ease.

The Organic x Wollypocket Bag

The Wollypockey & Organic Collaboration allowed us to enhance the shopping experience by reducing the waste produced by high end retailers packaging practices. The co-branded bag, is a gift with purchase that blends the benefits of a reusable shopping bag with awesome powers of a hangable wall planter. It allows for the sustainability and Eco-friendly efforts of Organic by John Patrick to continue far beyond the initial purchase, fostering new Ecosystems in the homes of their consumers.